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Deutscheweltweit.de recommends: "Finding Home" and "A Chosen Path" from Frank Oberle!


Oberle Finding HomeFinding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace (to order please click!)


Finding Home: is the fantastic story of an adolescent boy’s survival in the aftermath of World War II.

Frank Oberle’s family was forced to relocate to Poland in 1940 as a result of Hitler’s efforts to protect his war industries from the Allied Forces’ air attacks.

For over two years, up until the time of the Russian advances in early 1945, Oberle was enrolled in a residential school in the rural area outside the city of Poznan, which only allowed occasional contact with his parents. At the end of the war, at thirteen years of age, estranged from his parents and finally abandoned by the hierarchy of the Nazi-inspired tutors in whom he and his friends had invested their trust and confidence, Frank set out on a 500-km trek to find his way back to his village on the Rhine. Together with his fellow students and the administration he became part of the “Great Trek” and the millions of terrorized ethic German refugees from all parts of Eastern Europe fleeing back to their ancestral homelands.

In his book, the author describes how he barely survived the horror, starvation and deprivation of this epic journey which included, what he describes, “the visit to hell” on  the night of February 13th 1945 during the indiscriminate bombing of the city of Dresden that claimed the lives of as many as 130,000 innocent old men, women and children.  In “Finding Home” Frank Oberle attempts as well reconcile any discrepancies between the official versions of the historic record of the times in the middle of the 20th century with his own experience as seen through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old child.

Even though he was eventually reunited with his family, he felt deprived of part of his childhood and youth. With no prospects of furthering his education or training for a trade to which he may have been inclined and unable to easily conform to any new order of government and law, he convinced his childhood sweetheart to join him in pursuing their dreams and fortune in the new world. 

Their life together in British Columbia, Canada, was pure adventure with all its hardships and triumphs. Frank worked as dishwasher in Vancouver, logger in the Queen Charlotte Islands and gold miner near Lillooet. But, Frank, and Joan as well, soon realized their dreams in pursuing a career in business.

Canada is still the land of unlimited opportunities, Frank believes. Where else in the world, after all, would a man with such humble beginning earn his fortune in various business ventures, play a pivotal part in the creation of a new town and earn himself the trust of his fellow citizens to represent them in one of the highest offices in the country.              

This is a love story, full of drama and humour ... a true saga of the Canadian immigrant.


Oberle A Chosen PathA Chosen Path: From Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill (to order please click!)

A Chosen Path: from Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill, continues the adventure told in Finding Home. Now elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa, Frank Oberle served six terms as Member of Parliament, being appointed both as Minister of State for Science and Technology then as Minister of Forestry—a remarkable achievement from self-educated immigrant to national politician and Cabinet minister.


Frank Oberle


The German Book from Frank Oberle:

Oberle: Asugewandert  Ausgewandert: Von der badischen Backstube zum Minister in Kanada (to order please click!)

Ausgewandert : von der badischen Backstube zum Minister in Kanada  is the English version of the two books combined.


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