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With Deutscheweltweit.de you are directing your advertisement to a special and at the same time very large market: Germans, Austrians and Swiss outside their home country as well as others, interested in German speaking countries.
This includes:

Banner ads
- placed on the appropriate German, English and Spanish site of the corresponding theme areas or active site.
120 US$ per year

After making your payment via PayPal you will be let to a Deutscheweltweit.de site where you will get your instructions for the transfer of data for the ad banners.
The payments will be made as subscriptions. In case after some time you don't want to advertise with us anymore just cancel with us or directly with PayPal.

In case you have a partner program (pay per click, gained clients or something similar) and want to win Deutscheweltweit.de for it contact us please.

In the subject of "sponsoring" no decision has been reached. In case you are interested to become a sponsor of Deutscheweltweit.de contact us please.