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Welcome compatriots from all over the world!
Deutscheweltweit.de (Germans worldwide) is the web site for Germans abroad.
Austrians, Liechtensteiner and Swiss far from home are welcome, too.
You are an emigrant or descendant of an emigrant? You are abroad for business/official reasons?
You are in a foreign country as a tourist or globetrotter or you are planning a trip?
You are not a German, Austrian, Liechtensteiner or Swiss but you want information about and from German speaking countries?
Deutscheweltweit.de has something interesting for everybody to discover!
And in case you can not find what you are looking for or you know of an interesting web site that would fit in our link collection please write to me. I will try to enter the missing to Deutscheweltweit.de.

Deutscheweltweit.de is divided in the following parts:

Have fun!
Justus Hauser 
webmaster Deutscheweltweit.de